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Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas is a bestselling author and international speaker whose ministry is changing the way Christians look at their faith and family. His books include Sacred Marriage, Sacred Parenting, Sacred Pathways and the Gold Medallion award-winning Authentic Faith.

Every Body Matters

While the world obsesses over the body as an ornament—something to admire and look at—Christians are called to care for their bodies as instruments of service to God. A revolutionary look at why Christians need to pay more concern to exercise and eating. 

Pure Pleasure

Sadly, many Christians are suspicious of pleasure, at best. Today, Gary presents a biblical foundation for viewing pleasure as a gift from God, Gary equips Christians to use pleasure to become more avid worshippers, renew their relationships and gain a valuable tool in their struggles against sin.

The Ministry Of The Thorn

Paul had a thorn in the flesh. Teresa of Avila had splitting migraines. Augustine was threatened by a marauding horde. We'll examine how God has used suffering and difficulty to strengthen and prepare us, and then explore how we benefit from this same process today.


Phil Callaway

Father of three and husband of one, Phil is also an award-winning author, humorist, editor, and speaker. Phil has the #1 selling teaching video series in the world and five best-selling books. His side-splitting humor and down-to-earth spiritual insight will captivate your heart and mind.

My Year Without a Lie: Living and Telling the Truth

When Phil set out to journal one year of living the truth, he had no idea that hilarity would ensue. Hear what happens when Phil does his level best to always tell the truth. You might even take your own truth dare.

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