Arlen Salte - A Short Bio

Arlen’s awards include being named one of Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People by Alberta Venture Magazine, Canada’s Promoter of the Year, Concordia University Distinguished Service Award, and a Lifetime Achievement Award. He has sold over a 1/4 million albums, ½ a million total resources, co-authored two books and has been a columnist for Strategies For Today’s Leader.

Arlen’s media credits include appearing many times on international television, landed radio hits as hit as #1 and has been the featured artist for a national CBC radio special.

As a leader, Arlen is known for co-founding and directing the largest conference of its kind in North America, along with his wife, Elsa Salte. Arlen earned his Doctorate in 2005 with a focus on leadership.

As a speaker and teacher, Arlen has keynoted for groups as large as 10,000 and has trained over 5,000 musicians, technicians, pastors and leaders in worship and music skills.   

Arlen and his wife, Elsa, are the Founders and Directors of Break Forth Ministries. Arlen and Elsa also lead sold-out Biblical tours through Break Forth Journeys.

Arlen and Elsa have been happily married since 1981. They love enjoying the grand adventures of life, whether this is zip-lining through Central American jungles or spending time with their family. They also believe that being grandparents is the best job in the world!